Rescue and Donation

We rescue street animals that will not survive on their own. Until recently we funded this entirely ourselves paying for medical care, vaccinations, spaying and neutering, food and all other needs for the rescued street animal. Rescues stay with us for months until we find a suitable home for them. We also allow people to bring their rescued animals and just pay for their food and medical bills. We love animals and they need our help but we cant keep up with the financial demands for this on our own. If you want to help a rescued street animal recover and have a better life please donate through the GoFundMe link below the video or contact us through Facebook, WhatsApp or phone. Thank You


Go Fund Me Link


Edwardo (left) and Katmaya (right) are both up for adoption after being spayed, neutered and vaccinated. They are looking for separate together homes where they can have the life they deserve after being abandoned on the street and then rescued. Please contact us to arrange an interview.


We have recently teamed up with @ariikacomfort to help with rescue efforts. Arrika are Africas best pet bed manufacture (among other things) and they are offering free pet beds to anyone who adopts a three legged animal from us and discounts for adoption of a 4 legged fur baby rescue. Check out the video they filmed at our pet hotel and contact us for more details, Thank you.

Suka was a street dog in Maadi who used to wait outside our house and follow us on walks. He was always alone and has scars on his back from where he was attacked by other dogs many times. We used to feed him and give him tick and flee medicine until one day we heard crying outside the gate and he was waiting there bleeding from his back and afraid. He must have been attacked again and he didn’t know where else to go. We had to take him in. We got him fully vaccinated and neutered and he has been with us for nearly months now, but he needs a forever home. He sees his friend who have their special human and he needs one too. He is great with people and dogs and is very loyal and loving. Will you be his forever family?

Bella was rescued by a very kind and respected woman who lives on the other side of Cairo. She has rescued many animals and couldn’t cope with another. Bella was about to be thrown on the street by her owners who were moving abroad and didn’t care what happened to her. If she had been abandoned she would definitely have died through starvation, hit by a car, illness or attacks from gangs of other dogs, she didn’t have the skills to survive on her own. She is spayed and fully vaccinated and great with dogs, cats and people.

The Trio

These 3 lovely puppies were rescued by a kind lady from children who were abusing them. Please contact us if you can adopt one or more of them

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