With the New Year comes new surprises, dreams and challenges (and usually new prices as well). In order to keep your current rate for the whole of this year and avoid the future increase in boarding and service costs until 2021 join our membership programme. As well as keeping your current price plan you will benefit from all our VIP services such as guaranteed booking, no short notice costs and free pet-care days. To see everything the membership offers see below. You can check out loads more of what we do every day at

@AriikaaComfort have paired with PetsArePeopleToo to help with our rescue program in accordance with their new line of pet beds (we bought 9 for our pet hotel and they are world class). All Members get a discount on their new range of pet beds if ordered through us!

To become a member so you an your pets can enjoy all these extra benifits please contact us.

If the image is not clear on your device the pet membership includes: Fixed over night dog boarding and dog daycare rate for a year at our premise in Maadi, Cairo, guaranteed dog boarding availability in the busy season (Easter, Christmas, Eid etc) at your discounted rate, free dog shampoo shower at our premises in Maadi after every dog boarding stay, no cancelation or early drop off or late pick up fees for dog boarding overnight or doggy day care, 5 free doggy day care sessions (full day) and 3 free overnight dog boarding nights in our villa in Maadi, unlimited doggy swimming in our swimming pool and washing and drying afterwards, VIP treatment and gifts. This offer is exclusive for Pets Are People Too Maadi, Cairo dog and cat boarding hotel.

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