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Who We Are

We’re here for one reason: we can’t imagine life without our furry friends. We are a small but dedicated team of 10 people who provide around the clock care and supervision to your pet while you are on holiday or out for the day! We started in London 12 years ago and have been active in Maadi, Cairo for over two years.

We know that pets are intelligent and feel just like we do therefore we do not use crates or cages and do not accept aggressive dogs. We know every animal personally and adapt to meet thier needs.

What We Do

We have two huge gardens on over an arce of land and we make sure all our dogs get at least 6 hours of playtime outside each day with thier friends. We are always there with them and keep them entertained with toys, treats, playing, digging and……

…. Doggy Swimming! We allow our dogs to go in and out of the pool as they please, we are always with them in the garden and go swimming with them too. We have doggy life jackets and do one on one aqua therapy sessions for elderly dogs and dogs with joint problems.

At the end of the day all dogs sleep inside with us on human beds in airconditioned room.

Cat Boarding, Kids Days, Grooming and Walking, Adoption and Shop

We also offer cat boarding in Ghadanferford (two airconditioned rooms with two catflaps leading to two large outdoor play spaces with toys, blankets and treats).

Our kids workshops run on weekends and give children a chance to playwith, groom, feed and swim with the dogs. This teaches important animal skills and personal responsibility.

Some of the other services we offer include dog and cat grooming at our place or yours, pet pickup and vets visits and dog walking.

We rescue street animals in need and feed, vacinate, house, spay/neuter where possible and heal them ourselves before putting them up for addoption. Our vet is Dr Rami Issa.

Animal rescue fundraiser

We have been rescuing injured and abandoned street animals in Egypt since we started two years ago. These are animals who cant fend for themselves unless we save them. We rehabilitate them, feed and shelter them,spay/neuter them and treat them like our own so when they are ready to be adopted they are ready for home life with other cats,dogs and people. Please watch the video and click the link below to help change another animals life.


We provide a small number of animal clothes and products that can generally only be found in England. You are also welcome to make a specific request and we will bring it to you from the UK.

What is the best day for kids workshop for you?

Kids workshops are where kids cam come for a few hours on the weekend, get a talk about how to treat animals as well as how to keep themselves safe. They then meet some of our dogs and cats and learn how to feed them, walk them on a leash in our large walled garden, groom them and play with them before going swimming with them in our private pool. Parents are welcome to stay for the duration.

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Pets Are People Too
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